The Tramp

The who?

The Tramp CD_Novel Mock

The Tramp is my novel. The Tramp is my music.

Working towards the latter stages of the novel’s development, the manuscript is midway through its second edit, and while that is under the eagle-eye scrutiny of my editor I have begun recording the music for the CD. I plan to have them both wrapped up in shiny new packaging that will look something like the above concepts, launched by late October 2016. Today I have instigated a crowdfunding campaign to help make the dream a reality. There are rewards for followers’ generosity, and I hope crowdfunding will not only allow me to share my passion, but everyone have fun along the way.

Please check the link below, share if you like, join in if you will. If you have positive feedback, feel free to share. If you have something negative to say, I’m sure you’ll feel compelled to share that as well.

With cap in hand and a smile on my face, Michael Cannon.