Nearing Completion

A little over two years ago I had a pivotal moment, a spark of an idea that grew with every iota of my attention. That spark, the product of a dream, began to slowly take on a life of its own. At first nothing more than a few jotted-down recollections and a chord progression, the ‘entity’ sprouted four sturdy legs and took me for the ride of my life.

The Tramp had been conceived.


Now, three and a bit weeks from delivery on 12 February 2017, the novel has been completed and proofs returned, the 13 songs chosen to appear on the CD have all been recorded, mixed, mastered and are in the process of CD replication. Packaging, bookmarks and t-shirts are designed and with the respective printers.

Time to sit back and relax for a while?

Not likely. I am in the midst of creating a special illustration as promised in last year’s crowdfunding campaign. Once completed, five high-quality archival prints will be created from the master, to be presented to those wonderful supporters who earned the right to have a copy.

Those same supporters also receive two bonus music tracks that don’t appear on the commercial CD. One song has been completed, and the other is still in production.

Then can I relax?


I have to create e-versions of the CD songs, upload to my website,, iTunes and Oh, and the website needs to be altered to include e-commerce. I am about to start rehearsing with the fantastic musicians, and brief the guest readers who will support me at the Burnie Art Gallery launch.

The Tramp musical drama is in its early stages of conception. No, not a thigh-slapping ‘Oklahoma’ kind of musical. This will be a drama with music, if you understand the difference.

Then can I relax? Oh no. I have a world of marketing to explore, footslogging and whatever I can do to help push The Tramp as far as he can go. Oh, and not to mention another novel has already grown to 15,000 + words … and then I almost forget to mention the second book in a trilogy is half way through its first draft …