Reflections of The Tramp

The Tramp Kindle

I was heartened to read the reflections of someone who had purchased and read The Tramp, as a Kindle version of the novel, from

Format: Kindle Edition

I found this book a compelling read and I was reluctant to put it down. It deals with one of today’s most frightening social conditions, but does it in a creative and sensitive way that makes it easy to conceptualise, while at the same time engaging you with the lives and personalities of the characters. I found myself subconsciously relating this story to parts of my own life, and empathising with those struggling to make sense of the darker events in our lives.
A difficult topic, but handled in a compassionate and entertaining manner. I could almost describe it as uplifting. Really an excellent debut novel from Michael Cannon. I wonder if there is more coming?

It is fascinating (humbling, to be more exact) to understand how figments of my imagination are processed by others, more so when the reader does so introspectively.
Thanks for your positive reflections, and I am glad the story of Robert Aitken hit the mark with you.