You3 @ Prickly Mo

We spent a delightful Thursday evening enjoying the crisp Eugenana air at Prickly Mo. Their wines are to live for (who wants to die anyway?), there was an array of belly-popping platters, other delights by the Flying Calamari Brothers (no prizes for guessing the top of their menu), and music by You3.

We set up our chairs in front of centre stage in the mosh pit, but thankfully, all the moshers must have been elsewhere because nobody pogoed onto us, although we did maintain a watchful eye …

While being designated driver, I restricted myself to the single glass of 2016 Front Paddock Pino Noir, Kathy on the other hand ensured we didn’t need to put the stopper on the bottle and take it home. So considerate is my wife.

Neil, Jess and Bruce, who make up You3, ripped into their first number right on the dot of  7pm, and over the next two and a half hours entertained an appreciative audience with an array of amazing renditions; music spanning decades and genres from Split Enz to The Waifs, Leonard Cohen to Mumford and Sons.

Neil’s expert acoustic guitar drove most of the songlist, with Jess’ guitar and ukulele providing the accent, and Bruce laying a solid beat on the box cajon and percussion. Jess’ beautiful voice rose high and wide in the Tasmanian air, contrasting Neil’s mature blues tones and Bruce’s backing vocals. When called for, those three voices blended perfectly in a-capella.

As the temperature dropped on that cloudless evening, an unintentional smoke machine billowed its product across the stage, as flames from a nearby brazier had been fed, evidently, damp fuel. No matter, it made me feel like I was back at that Pink Floyd concert, although the accompanying aroma proved to be somewhat different.

You3 ended the show on a high, with Jess fronting with the best damn kazoo this country has ever heard. Well, that’s what I think, anyway.

So, jump on yer bike when You3 get together for another gig and check them out.