Songwriting competition results

The TrampSong suggestion update

Following some really interesting comments and suggestions regarding which song from ‘The Tramp: The Music of Robert Aitken’ I should submit for the Vanda and Young song competition, I found the responses, regarding not only the music but lyric content, interesting and insightful with the following front-runners: the self-demanding tale in ‘Hold On’, the reflective ‘Real Life Passion Play’, the boisterous twelve-bar lark that is ‘Dress Like Stevie Nicks’, the picture painted by ‘Cottage by the Sea’ and the dogged black humour of ‘The Beast Blues’.

While ‘Dress Like Stevie Nicks’ came in a close third, the clear winners were neck-and-neck ‘Cottage by the Sea’ and ‘The Beast Blues’. Hence I’ve doubled my donation and submitted both.

So, I trust my $100 will be used well as a donation to Nordoff-Robbins music therapy, and if by some wild notion one of the above should be chosen, that will be an added extra-special bonus!

Thanks to all who were involved and passed on their choice. It was much appreciated!

Cheerio for now, M