Tell Us All

Michael Cannon – Tell Us All © 2012

You only get one chance in life why would you give it away?
We always hear there’s so much life to live for.
Your life was so important why would you throw it away?
It seemed you had an awful lot to live for.

I drew a picture of you from what you let us see:
elite self importance that hid your pedigree.

You fought for those who may just want to throw it away.
Priority was giving hope to live for.
Devoted to the cause for those who shouldn’t give it away.
A general for all those things you stood for.

You held in your two hands hopes of many frail emotion,
in the belief that life’s worth holding to.

Then, so it seems one day what you had was not so perfect.
You cut the life so many would have found ideal.
Those left behind with all their guilt – could they have done better?
Never the chance to make amends – or even say goodbye.

One might have thought the greatest blow was losing yourself.
But not as great as who you’ve left behind.

Why did you do it? Tell us all, why did you do it?
Tell us Paul, why did you do it?
Why did you do it?