The Transit of Venus

The Transit of Venus – Michael Cannon © 2012

I look out across the forest, pristine and unturned,
pondering man’s existence. What have we learned?
All we take for granted, what we reap and what we sow.
I fabricate more questions to the answers I don’t know.

An avaricious culture fuelled by rhetoric and lies,
contorting age-old doctrines, lunatics feel justified.
Striving for ascendancy, monopolise and purge,
I shake my head, look skyward, wait for Venus to emerge.

There’s a retrograde rotation pre the continent divide,
This neighbour of Earth’s cradle of mankind.
The heavens keep us mystified, questioning, diversified.
Transit of Venus may be even immortalised.

Celestial aberration, scientific theorists consign.
Only half a dozen Transits since sixteen thirty nine.
Venus flashes like a comet tail of wondrous untaught fears,
I’ll not likely see the next one in two hundred and some years.

What generates awe in human minds like a meteoric shower.
The Transit of Venus – come and gone in just a mere few hours.

We’re like any other living thing but the wit to wonder why.
Venus will keep returning past human’s last goodbye.

Just a simple black anomaly causing widespread curiosity.
To some there’ll be no doubt will hook into religiosity.
The Transit of Venus bound to incite contrariety.
Perhaps it’s best I return my gaze to this verdant reality.

The morning star, the northern lights, the infamous black hole,
Inspiring scenarios from our dot orbiting Sol.

The End.