No Ordinary Day

Michael Cannon – No Ordinary Day © 2016

Life: what an enigma. You are born, and then you die.
What’s in between is the mark of who you are.
Life is so fragile. You’ve no control, (of) how long you’re here.
So make the most of your ordinary days.

Just like a garden, I needed tending. I needed love to survive.
A garden needs a gardener but mine – she had gone away from me.
The landscape turned into a wild, uncompromising place.
That really was no ordinary day.

The earth soon turned to quicksand, to suffocate my soul.
I had no heart to start over again, no, no.
But before I sank without a trace another gardener has come,
to tend the soil with love, and heaven knows …

How this soul with good intentions would ever hope to find me here.
A gardener with healing in her hands.
My garden now abounds with sunlight on the blooms.
This really is no ordinary day
’cause my garden is full of life again.
I’ve found I’m in love with life again.