Real Life Passion Play

Michael Cannon – Real Life Passion Play © 2015

The secrets that we keep, dreams we conjure in our sleep,
emerging from our past, lead to feelings that could last.
Games that people play we leave for another day.
The things we wish to last become echoes of our past.

My book of secrets, all its prospects; bitter, challenging or complex.
I keep revisiting the chapter that tells of happier times and laughter.
The smile we give the most, the love we have the need to boast.
Those echoes of our past: those memories …

I don’t know why (I did it). Can’t say why (I did it).
It was my life, I turned away from my real life Passion Play.

Faith of soldiers to their leaders, as infirm would to their healers.
An excuse to carry on, when it seemed there wasn’t one.
Fools who suffer sages, I find I’m either in those pages.
It keeps me reading to the end; this secret forced me to defend.

My secret had a reason, but I couldn’t help believing,
I missed the comforts of a home.
I didn’t own this secret, but this secret had captured me.
I see it written in the tome – and it would not set me free.

Anyway it is such a mystery all those options that were blind to me.
While I was led astray – by my own naivete.
Now the walls have broken down, thanks to you I have come home.
All those things no longer secrets, but you’re still asking me;

I don’t know why I did it. Can’t say why I did it.
It was my life, I turned away from my real life Passion Play.
Can’t say why. It was my life. But now’s another day.
I’ll still remember, I’ll still remember.
I’ll still remember you, but I’ll still remember.
I really closed that book today, but I’ll still remember.
I’ll still remember you