Song suggestion update Following some really interesting comments and suggestions regarding which song from 'The Tramp: The Music of Robert Aitken’ I should submit for the Vanda and Young song competition, I found the responses, regarding not only the music but lyric content, interesting and insightful with the following front-runners: the self-demanding tale in 'Hold [...]

I have decided to donate $50 to the Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy Australia. Well actually, to the Vanda and Young Songwriting Competition to be exact. APRA AMCOS, of which I'm a proud member, tell us this is the world's most prestigious songwriting competition; 'It aims to support talented songwriters while raising much-needed funds for not-for-profit organisation [...]

“London, 1989: On the verge of musical recognition, tragedy tears Robert Aitken’s world apart. He turns his back on the city, the industry and the people he loves; walking away with little more than two guitars, a hat in a box and ‘the beast’ shadowing his every move. Over twenty years later, two ex-London music lovers have relocated to Australia. In an unlikely quirk of fate, they stumble upon a man bearing a nagging resemblance to the one who had vanished from London all those years ago, reluctantly performing to a few indifferent locals in a ramshackle pub in Tasmania’s North West. A bitter recluse, scarred by unceasing guilt and stalked by his unwanted companion, Aitken is compelled to relive the events he had chosen to forget, in the hope he can at last make peace with himself.”

A little over two years ago I had a pivotal moment, a spark of an idea that grew with every iota of my attention. That spark, the product of a dream, began to slowly take on a life of its own. At first nothing more than a few jotted-down recollections and a chord progression, the 'entity' sprouted four sturdy legs and [...]

Tiger Dreaming

The who?

The Tramp CD_Novel MockThe Tramp is my novel. The Tramp is my music.

Working towards the latter stages of the novel’s development, the manuscript is midway through its second edit, and while that is under the eagle-eye scrutiny of my editor I have begun recording the music for the CD. I plan to have them both wrapped up in shiny new packaging that will look something like the above concepts, launched by late October 2016. Today I have instigated a crowdfunding campaign to help make the dream a reality. There are rewards for followers’ generosity, and I hope crowdfunding will not only allow me to share my passion, but everyone have fun along the way.

Please check the link below, share if you like, join in if you will. If you have positive feedback, feel free to share. If you have something negative to say, I’m sure you’ll feel compelled to share that as well.

With cap…

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