We spent a delightful Thursday evening enjoying the crisp Eugenana air at Prickly Mo. Their wines are to live for (who wants to die anyway?), there was an array of belly-popping platters, other delights by the Flying Calamari Brothers (no prizes for guessing the top of their menu), and music by You3. We set up our chairs in front of centre [...]

Every song ever written has some meaning behind it, or a reason for its being. Whether a song is driven by fame, money or a message it doesn't matter, music is a product of inspiration. So, here is the inspiration behind my composition One Old Boxer from the CD Hard to Define: A number of years ago I opened [...]

Kathy and I visited Sydney in 2010 for a weekend of sensations, smells, pints (beer) and an iconic Bridge Climb - an awesome way to see the sights and extended Sydney skyline. The unfortunate thing with the Bridge Climb is one was not permitted to take a camera, phone - even a hat unless the latter was hooked to the rather [...]