Welcome to Tiger Dreaming.

I have been a graphic designer for most of my working life, which has afforded me little energy or time to absorb myself in other artistic pursuits. Thankfully the past decade or so I have had more freedom to balance commercial design with other creative interests. Music, story writing and ‘fine art’ have now cemented themselves into my waking, and more often than not, sleeping world.

I have produced a range of photo-based artworks and enjoyed several exhibitions, inspired by personal reflections, sparks of philosophy or the products of dreams, I’ve recorded and published two CDs of my musical compositions. My first completed work of written fiction is soon to be published – first in a three-pronged project that fills me with pensive, exciting expectation. But more about all of the above another time.

So, what is Tiger Dreaming? A manifestation of my fascination or fixation with the officially extinct Tasmanian tiger, or thylacine. Those who care, or dream, can only hope these creatures have thumbed their snouts at man and still exist somewhere on our beautiful island of Tasmania. Perhaps these creatures have discovered through experience to fear and have, as my song ‘Invisible’ tells, learned to become just so. So out of extinction Tiger Dreaming has awakened and will be the figurehead of all my future artistic pursuits.

From this day I plan to share with, whoever may be interested, what gets my creative juices flowing.