After many years thinking about it I've finally gotten myself into the routine of regular live appearances (well, at least more than once a year). The Spirit Bar Tasmania offered me a spot some weeks ago and I've been invited back a couple of times, I'd assumed to apologise but it seems there are some [...]

While I was out walking this morning, a song from my 2014 CD Invisible popped up on my playlist. With rekindled memories I listened to a few other tracks and decided that the quality of my home studio recording and mixing back in 2012/13/14 was pretty good, after all. Anyway I digress; as I listened [...]

One of the joys of having a number of decades behind you, is each carries a plethora of memories and experiences. One might argue there is something wrong with a psychology if one tends only to remember great experiences in amazing detail, good experiences fairly and, bad? Well, for me the 'bad' seem to vaguely [...]

Song suggestion update Following some really interesting comments and suggestions regarding which song from 'The Tramp: The Music of Robert Aitken’ I should submit for the Vanda and Young song competition, I found the responses, regarding not only the music but lyric content, interesting and insightful with the following front-runners: the self-demanding tale in 'Hold [...]

Hello all, a couple of days to go before I upload my choice for the Vanda and Young Songwriting Competition. At the moment front runners are ‘Beast Blues’ and ‘Cottage by the Sea’ so I’ve decided to submit both, which means I’ll be donating $100 to a great cause – unless any others come up through the pack. Thanks to all who have already contacted me with their pick, but let me know soonest if you think another would be a better choice! Just to be clear I’m not after donations (heaven forbid), just your choice of song from ‘The Tramp: The Music of Robert Aitken’. Cheerio you all!

The Tramp Wayfarer Suddenly Image

I have decided to donate $50 to the Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy Australia.

Well actually, to the Vanda and Young Songwriting Competition to be exact. APRA AMCOS, of which I’m a proud member, tell us this is the world’s most prestigious songwriting competition; ‘It aims to support talented songwriters while raising much-needed funds for not-for-profit organisation Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy Australia (NRMTA)’, they say on their website — and I have no desire to doubt such a fine institution.


While I rate my songwriting abilities as something my mum would be proud of (God rest her cotton socks), my drive isn’t to pitch myself against truly talented competition-entering songwriters from around the world. No, I am inspired to dip into my pocket and support the amazing Nordoff-Robbins music therapy cause Should anything out of my wildest dreams come of it that would be gobsmackingly, like, you know, amazing — but I…

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