The soundtrack to Barbara’s walk down the aisle

… a long distance wedding performance, continued #5


Another song I’d never heard of. The bride-to-be asked for me to perform ‘A Thousand Years’ while she made her way from the back of the room to the groom and celebrant. My quip about The Proclaimers’s ‘I’m Gonna Be’ (500 Miles) morphed into raucous telephone banter with suggestions of the witnesses upping and prancing as if replicating ‘The Time Warp’.

Okay, so not five hundred miles but a thousand years.

Lots of guffaws but back to business.

I checked out the requested number by Christina Perri. A brazen attempt to pander to wedding planners across the world, I mused. Shame on / clever of the songwriter(s). Noddy Holder from Slade evidently earns half a million pounds EVERY YEAR through the royalties he earns from his 1973 song ‘Merry Christmas Everybody’, so why not, I say.

But wait, I subsequently discovered the writing of ‘A Thousand Years’ was actually a commission for Bill Condon’s romantic fantasy film The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Parts 1 & 2. Nope, hadn’t seen either flick.

Tarryn from the Tarkine Strings was delighted to work with me on ‘A Thousand Years’, as she did with ‘The Scientist’ and ‘The Luckiest’. We performed and captured all three on the same morning in our studio, where wife and audio/video technician Kathy captured each for me to edit, export and send to the interstate venue for the big day.

This is the final of seven performances performed and videoed for my sister’s wedding, since actually being there became impossible due to shush-you-know-what.

Many thanks to my musical friends Tarryn and Gary for their generosity and talents and to my best friend and wife, Kathy for her time, energy and endless patience. Lastly, I would like to take this opportunity to thank my wonderful sister Barbara and bro-in-law Ian for having faith in me to perform the setlist on their momentous day.